Lisbjerg – Made in AarhusNew build

 North of Aarhus a new energy community ensures greener electricity for the residents. NREP is behind the project, that utilizes the Enyday platform, helping tenants and administrators access consumption data, run settlements over the rent, and in general help them gain more from their shared solar panels and collective electricity setup. 

Project highlights

General: 215 households in 25 buildings

Location: Lisbjerg, Aarhus

Size: 19.000 square meters

Builder: NREP

Architect: Lendager

Engineer: MOE

Contractor: JCN Bolig

Shared solar and joint electricity supply

The collaboration between NREP and Enyday has the purpose of helping the three energy communities in Lisbjerg by setting up joint electricity purchase, and thereby achieving economic advantages, while ensuring residents easy access to individual and collective consumption data.

The Lisbjerg residents share common solar cells, and have a collective electricity supply. The energy community has a common electricity meter and sub-meters for each home. This solution gives residents an overview of consumption and visualization of how much erngy is coming from the solar panels versus the grid. This gives them better opportunities to utilize the green power as much as possible.

Economic savings can be achieved in a setup like this by the scale of purchasing electricity jointly. There are also savings on meter subscription costs for the network company and electricity dealer subscription.

The residents are provided with the app developed by Enyday – which shows electricity consumption and distributes power from solar cells and the electricity grid hour by hour. In this way, all residents receive an accurate electricity consumption account based on the variable electricity prices and are rewarded for green behaviour.

NREP is a Danish property company that invests, develops, manages and innovates to create better properties. The company was founded in 2005 on the simple idea that real estate is ready for a change to be driven by improving the built environment for the benefit of customers, communities and cities. NREP is a pioneer in sustainable real estate investment and has committed to leading and speeding up the path towards a CO2-neutral real estate industry throughout the Nordics, including through the launch of the targeted tech fund ‘2150’ for sustainable urban development.

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