Visualization of power consumption, smart distribution of solar electricity, and automatic monthly billing.

Our digital platform and app make buildings with collective self-consumption easier to operate. This way we help consumers to a cheaper and more sustainable consumption with data-driven measurements and user-friendly apps. 

Full of integrations for overall operation.

See how much of your electricity is coming from the solar panels compared to the electrical grid.

Get unique insight into where your electricity comes from and when the solar cells produce most electricity. The platform automatically distributes electricity from solar panels, electrical grid and any possible battery storages hour by hour, so that everyone is rewarded for green behavior.

Get automatic billing of your electricity consumption.

Reap the benefits of smarter operation of your collective solar PV installation with monthly billing and automatic preparation of statutory electricity bills.

Individual profile to all your tenants.

All tenants get access to their own profile. Here they can keep track of individual consumption, and compare how much of their electricity usage comes from the solar panels versus the grid.

Follow the development of the electricity prices

You can follow the development of the electricity prices in the app. That way, you can still consume smarter and cheaper in periods when the solar panels are not optimally producing electricity.

Smarter and easier operation for administrators of large and small energy communities

The administrator gains access to relevant data and information about the consumption of the energy community and digital tools for overall operation. Among other things, each user can be invoiced easily and move-ins and move-outs are handled in a smart way.

Users can find and download our app in Google Play and App Store