Our dedicated employees

We are a team of engineers, software developers and green-tech enthusiasts dedicated to making energy communities engaging, simple and easy to operate. Our vision is to enlighten people on the advantages of solar power sharing, so that citizens and energy communities are encouraged to participate in the green transition.

Alec Teucilide

Software Developer

Christopher Tolstrup

Founder & CEO

Björn Pettersson


Patrycja Zawrotniak

App & Fullstack Developer

Anders Rossau

Communications Officer & UX Designer

Mads Aarup

Co-founder & Chief Engineer

Kanza Ahmad

App & Fullstack Developer

Svend Langebæk

Chief Technology Officer

Cuong Hung Ly Tran

Software & Hardware Developer

Amina Ghauri

Coordinator & Customer Success Associate

Can solar power be shared?

Learn more about Enyday and our vision in the video below.

Nominated for the “Norrsken Impact Award 2019” as a top 100 impact startup in the Nordic countries

As we grow, we would love to hear from our users. Please write to us if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements — or just want to learn more about how we can help the green transition along.