Case reference · Vendsysselhus

Shared solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers help the tenants at Vendsysselhus towards more sustainable consumption. 

Enyday ApS

Copenhagen, Denmark

March 27, 2024

In their three buildings at Vendsysselhus in Copenhagen, around 80 tenants have access to shared solar panels producing approximately 120.000 kWh electricity annually. The tenants also have four shared batteries installed to help utilize most of their renewable energy sources. Besides this, three chargers for electric cars have been installed to make the move towards electric vehicles more straightforward for the tenants.

For Vendsysselhus, the journey towards becoming an energy community started around 10 years ago. Solar panels were mounted and installed, and individual submeters were provided for each apartment. The process of starting up as an energy community has led to numerous investments in green initiatives throughout the years including a collaboration with Enyday.

The main motivation for partnering up with Enyday was to be able to gain more insight into the production of renewable energy produced by the shared solar panels.

“The fact that all tenants can follow the production of power and our individual consumption, helps us gain more from our shared solar panels. Through data-visualization in the app we try to encourage the tenants to use this, and thereby consume electricity when it is coming mainly from the solar panels”, says Jakob Schølmark, Chairman of the board at Vendsysselhus.

One of the main advantages for tenants of Vendsysselhus using a platform such as the Enyday solution is to get the ability to keep track of the performance of the solar panels, but also gaining the option to settle their individual invoices month by month in accordance with their actual consumption including share of electricity coming from the solar panels and batteries, says Jakob Schølmark.

KAB is the administrator for Vendsysselhus. An IT integration from Unik Bolig is used by KAB and Enyday to ensure that both tenant data is up to date daily and that the individual electricity consumption per apartment can be invoiced monthly.


Vendsysselhus is one of a total of 10 parliamentary rental properties, which means that we are self-determining in most respects. All residents can submit proposals to the general meeting and thus have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.